Friday , September 17 2021

These businesses have benefited the most from the covid crisis in 2020

CoronaVirus (Covid) pandemic has undoubtedly been bad for business worldwide. But for some companies it is not the case. According to experts, the outbreak has opened a window of opportunity for few companies like Zoom, Netflix, Food Panda, etc. These were the list of a few international brands that have been around for a while. If we take the case of an Indian app ‘WhiteHat Jr’ which was launched during the pandemic. It is an online platform for teaching ‘coding’ to kids. This simple yet outstanding company has doubled its business growth in the past two months.So it is true that for many entrepreneurs, COVID-19 came as a blessing in disguise. We have prepared a list of businesses that benefited the most during covid crisis 2020.

The most benefited businesses during the covid crisis in 2020: 

  1.  Sanitization Markets 

    With covid came the grand era of sanitization. As soon as it was proved that coronavirus can be killed if we apply lotion with 70% alcohol in it, the market of sanitization gained its peak of business during the covid crisis. Earlier hand rub sanitizers were not so popular and only a few famous stores had them. But after the news about covid spread the stores were ransacked by mobs of customers. Not only sanitizers but all types of sanitizing products were looted, like toilet papers, etc. . Now when the covid situation has started normalizing the production of sanitization products has touched lifetime high and all the businesses linked with these products have earned a fortune during the pandemic.

  2. Entertainment Sector Business 

    There is not much to do when you are stuck at home due to a global covid crisis but to watch your favorite show/movie on the television. That is why the entertainment sector has flourished during the covid crisis in 2020. Streaming websites like Prime Videos, Netflix and Youtube has seen an unbelievable growth in their customer base and wealth. Netflix added nearly 16 million new subscribers during the first quarter of the 2020 covid crisis. The growth of Netflix subscribers nearly doubled in comparison to what the company predicted for January.

  3. Food Delivery Business 

    Watching T.V and dont have snacks at home? Plus you cannot go outside due to covid… Only one solution comes to mind and that is the food delivering apps like FoodPanda. Staying at home all the time has given birth to lazy nature in us humans and that has been exploited fully by food delivering apps during the pandemic. Since indoor dining was completely shut by the order of the government, the meals to-go became the lifeline for many restaurants. The number of takeaways and deliveries skyrocketed during the crisis, as people stuck at home sought alternatives to cooking at home.

  4. Online Shopping Business 

    Online Shopping businesses have made things very easy for us mainly during the covid crisis. We can order anything we can think of online and we can get that on our doorstep without any risk of getting infected by the coronavirus. Online shopping apps like Amazon have earned a big fortune and their business flourished like never before during the covid crisis.

  5. Workspace Management Business 

    Going to the office during the global covid crisis is a big no, but somehow work had to be done. In order to do that, workspace management businesses come into play. Apps like google meet, Zoom, etc became popular overnight as they provided features that were just perfect for the current situation. These companies earned overnight fame and wealth that has not even seen its peak yet. They become so successful that companies are now rethinking their strategy of work from home to be established even after pandemic ends. These workspace management businesses have changed the way the world works literally.

  6. Online Gambling Business 

    What would be more entertaining than living your dream life of long vacation and gambling! That is what happened during the pandemic. People had so much time during the crisis period that they could spend some of it on their hobbies like gambling. But with the coronavirus crisis they could not visit the land based casinos so they turned to online casinos like Bet365, 22Bet, etc. These websites fully utilised these times by attracting more customers by giving out more and more attractive offers and games every day. You can also check out some of these top online gambling websites here.


 This global covid crisis led to an over extended pandemic lockdown which almost annihilated most of the businesses in the world. But it is also true that covid crisis has become a blessing for a few businesses like the sanitization markets and more.

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