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‘The White Palace’, a heritage to behold

The Heritage palace completed its reconstruction in late 2015, to early 2016. The architectural structure and design elements of the palace, are what give it its label as the White palace, alongside the green landscape surrounding the marble building.

The greenery which is consistently maintained, includes a garden, filled with marble figures, plants, flowers and palm trees, which accentuate the beauty of the entire property.

The Palace, consists of six luxuriously designed rooms, which includes a suite. The furniture and marble were imported from exotic countries, such as Italy, Jaipur, and the city of Agra.Located in Dhamdachha in the district of Gujarat, its location is at the epicentre of business in India.

However, the exact location of the palace is what gives it a reason to be of such high tourist attraction. The focus of the building, is directed towards the 1400 square foot lobby, which includes a gala hall, which transforms into a venue for Bollywood events and meetings.

Over 100 Bollywood celebrities including Jay Bhanushali, Mahivij, Nawab Shah, Imran khan, Shahbaz khan, Sonali Raut, Anup Jalota, Khalid Siddique, Zulfi Syed, Haider Khan, Ishita Raut and Munna S have made appearances here for photo shoots, video shoots and launched events. It was recently in which actor Shawar Ali’s latest photo shoot with Libas, took advantage of the phenomenal views at this Palace. 

The White Palace has many facilities, including a guest house for visitors, families and celebrities from across the world. A library is also part of the interior, which contains books from some of the greatest authors in history, visitors are free to visit this library and make use of the wide range of literature on offer – the library especially helps as the royal family love to read books.

Rare copies of books with expired publications are stocked throughout the library, which adds a uniqueness to the feature. The royal families enjoy playing traditional games such as chess and polo – while visitors may access sports areas which cater for pool, table tennis and much more.
The lighting of the fountain out front is outstanding and perfectly complements the front viewing.

The lighting gets even better at night as the cleverly constructed lights make for great viewing in the dark, great for parties and gatherings.

The building was kept white in colour to enhance its beauty, it was greatly inspired by the Taj Mahal in Agra, a classic piece of architecture.

The White Palace in Gujrat is popular among tourists and locals alike, as a popular heritage spot – visitors often return more than once due to the convenient location.

The Palace itself holds lots of history due to being over 100 years old, it was recently renovated and named White Palace, hence the main aspects of the interior, and the exterior focus upon modern design and pronounced visual effects – Something that the Taj Mahal in Agra is well renowned for by residents, locals and tourists alike.
The Palace has a website associated with it, where potential visitors are free to access event history, as well as photo galleries of the building features.

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