Sunday , October 24 2021

The Struggle of a Writer: How to Get That Essay Done?

Are you experiencing a writer’s’ block and don’t know what to do? Being a student is not easy, especially, if you have to complete lots of assignments that have already started piling up. Sometimes, it can be so hard to start writing in spite of the fact that the deadline is approaching. You have researched your topic, created an outline, and you’ve got your thesis but the words are not coming to you, and you feel so frustrated, staring at the blank screen of your computer. You are feeling very unhappy and start thinking about placing an order on a reliable essay writing service where you can delegate your assignment to a professional writer with extensive writing experience. In this case, while your writer is working on your project, you can relax and sign with relief.

Writer’s’ block seems impossible to avoid, and every writer experiences it one time or another. But there are effective ways to prevent it happen or overcome it. Read on to learn what you should do when you can’t just start writing and how you can get your essay done. Here are some easy tips from professional writers.

Write Down Ideas as They Come to You

Many people use this technique – they overcome the writers’ block by writing. Free writing can help you generate some interesting ideas that you can develop further. Use your outline as a roadmap for your writing. You can start developing your argument from any point, and there is no need to pay attention to your grammar at this stage. You’ll do it later.

Eliminate Distractions

It’s difficult to focus your attention on the argument of your essay if you are scrolling Facebook or answering your phone. If you want to write effectively and stay productive, your mind should be focused. You should take measures to minimize the distractions. Ask your friends and family members not to interrupt you and turn off your smartphone.


Physical exercise, for example, running is one of the best methods to overcome the writers’ block. In this way, you can reduce stress, improve your memory, and increase overall productivity. Studies suggest that regular physical exercise can boost your problem-solving skills that are necessary for writing.

Stick to a Routine

You should create a schedule and set a regular time for writing activities. You’d establish the time when you typically are the most creative and productive. Practice writing at the same time every day, and soon you’ll get used to it. Someday, you may notice that new ideas come naturally and you only need to write them down.

Use Wikipedia If You Need Ideas for Research

It’s one of the most popular websites in the world, but unfortunately, most professors don’t think that Wikipedia is a great source for citing in your essay. Nevertheless, you can use it for background research to get started. Besides, you can check the reference sections of the articles to find relevant original sources on your topic and cite them in your essay.

Write the Body of Your Essay First

Don’t start writing your essay from the introduction. Actually, this part of an essay is the hardest to write. Start with the body paragraphs and figure out the main points of your essay. After that, write your introduction and summarize the key points of your essay. When writing your essay, don’t focus on answering “what?” but try to answer “why?” and “how?”.

Don’t Set a Goal to Make a Perfect First Draft

Rough drafts simply can’t be perfect so you shouldn’t waste your precious time trying to do it. Just start writing down your ideas. It’s hard only when you begin doing it, and sometime later, the entire process will become easier. Don’t mind grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. You will need to revise your draft and edit it to improve the content, the flow, and the logic and only when you are satisfied with these aspects, you can proofread it and fix grammar and spelling errors. Be ready that you may need to rewrite your draft several times to ensure that it is perfect in structure and style.

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