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Thursday , November 23 2017
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The Original Heavenly Location, Mauritius

Once a safe haven for pirates in the Indian Ocean, now tropical Mauritius, just 20 degrees south of the equator, is considered “the original heavenly location.” Mark Twain couldn’t agree more with this as he was the one who first remarked, “Mauritius was first made and the heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius.”

It turns out Mark Twain was right. Mauritius is renowned for luxury resorts that offer some of the most beautiful views of the Indian Ocean, sapphire-blue waters, and pristine white beaches. It is a place for exploring with some colonial remnants, flora, and fauna unexpected of such a small island, gardens, and volcanic mountains backdrops.

Mauritians are famed for their hospitality with visitors describing it as being treated like royals. Its people are multiethnic with a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Creole, and French. Luxury here is affordable with impeccable service of the utmost refinement.

The north side of Mauritius around Grand Baie is the most active tourism hub with a high number of beaches, hotels, and entertainment spots. West coast beaches are favored by families although the east coast has the best stretch of white sandy beaches. The south, on the other hand, is green, beautiful, and a little wild; making it an interesting side.

Should you lie on a beach all day? Or what is a person to do in Mauritius? There is a lot you can do on the water as on the land. Water highlights include paddling activities, all manner of surfing, boat excursions, and even diving and snorkeling. But as Mauritius is surrounded by shallow waters, coral reefs, and amazing underwater topography, snorkeling and diving are the most popular water activities. On land, you will need to choose from horse riding, hiking, and a number of golf courses. The decision is yours.

Mauritius has protected more bird species than any other place on the planet; saving them from extinction which has led to Mauritius’ wildlife tourism being extremely popular. You can now see rare, beautiful birds like the Mauritian kestrel, countless giant tortoises, sharks, whales, and even dolphins.

Are you a foodie? You can rejoice because, in Mauritius, the food table is wonderfully laid. You can sample curries, staples like octopus salad, fish right off the boats, and other signature dishes. The Mauritians have a tradition of hosting a family table (table d’hôte) open to all laid with home cooked food.

The answer to this question can be best answered by you depending on your holiday preferences. Mauritius, however, describes itself as a year-round destination. Beginning October, it is summer, the best time for a beach holiday. During this time, the breeze is more welcome and swims are more refreshing because days are long, hot, and sticky.

Winter time comes from July to September and temperatures are cooler with mainly evening rain or just slight showers during the day. So you can engage in inland activities like hiking, biking, horse riding etc. You can still enjoy a tan during the day because of a strong midday sun in winter. During winter, Mauritius is not so crowded with tourists so you can enjoy cheaper prices and more relaxation.

Between December and March, Mauritian waters are at their clearest which makes it good for diving activities and underwater sports. For surfers, amazing waves come in between June and August, especially along the west coast. Big game fishers are welcome here between October and April.

Should you want a break from the sun on its white sand beaches, Mauritius has a lot of places you can still visit. Offshore islands can be reached by catamaran where you can enjoy biodiversity with nature walks, swimming with the dolphins, and even see imported African animals at Casela.

Historical places exist like French mansions, botanic gardens, Indian temples, markets, and the Le Morne Mountain which was a refuge for runaway slaves in the 19th century. From an insider, the most popular places are; Port Louis, Grand Baie, Eureka Casela World of Adventures, La Vanille Nature Park, Black River Gorges National Park, Domaine de L’Etoil, Mahebourg, and Egret island.

Mauritius is a tropical paradise with a lot to do. It is considered among Africa’s wealthiest destinations with myriad attractions like the now revitalized Port Loius; a place steeped in history. With hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals, this is one place you will not regret visiting.


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