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Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Thapki Pyar Ki : Aryan points a gun at Bani

The episode of Thapki Pyar Ki starts with Bani and Aryan arguing and insulting each other. Bani tells Aryan that she will reveal his truth and Aryan tells her the same. She tells him that she wants to kill him.

Aryan takes out a revolver from his pocket and leaves one bullet in it. He then gives the gun to Bani and asks her to shoot. She does but the bullet doesn’t come out. The two keep doing this till the last chance comes. Aryan gets the gun and points out at Bani. She knows there is a bullet in it and gets nervous.

As soon as he is about to pull the trigger, Thapki comes in running and slaps Aryan. Thapki then asks Aryan to leave the house. Aryan later tells Bani that there was never a bullet in the gun and he did all of this to show how Thapki still loves her and came running to save her.

Kosi is doing everything possible to make Tina feel bad. She asks her to clean the house and cook food on the fire stove. Tina who has never done any of this misses her home.

Thapki on the other hand starts packing Aryan’s bags. He tries to tell her that there was no bullet in the gun but she refuses to listen.

Vasundra comes to Thapki and asks her to leave the house. She hands her the tickets and tells her that if Tina is not staying here, Thapki can’t as well.


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