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Monday , January 22 2018
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Teenagers churn out kidnap story to escape parents wrath on failing examination

Udaipur : Two teenagers cooked up a story about being kidnapped, sending police of three districts into a tizzy on Friday night.  The boys, who had failed in their half-yearly exams, crafted an abduction tale to frighten their families in order to divert their mind from the poor grades they obtained and thus escape the wrath. Udaipur police found them  here after midnight and informed the Pratapgarh police who came and took the mischievous boys back home.

On Friday evening we received a complaint from a person who informed that his nephew was missing alongwith one of his classmate since afternoon and was not to be seen anywhere. Later around 8.30 pmthe person received a call from his nephew’s mobile number demanding ransom of 13 lakh rupees for setting the boys free” informed Ratan Singh, additional SP, Pratapgarh. The abduction tale sent the police department in a tizzy who alerted their peers at Chittorgarh, Banswara and bordering police stations of Mandsaur, Neemuch, Ratlam in MadhyaPradesh. The mobile number was also put to trace which indicated the boys to be taken towards Udaipur direction.However, around 12am , home guards on night duty spotted two boys on a scooty which raised suspicion. The boys were taken to the Hathipole police station where the cops identified them to be the ones for whom the Pratapgarh police has signaled alert.

The Pratapgarh team reached Udaipur and took the boys back. “ Initially they lied to us but when questioned repeatedly, they confessed the truth. Both of them who were in class 9, had failed in most of the subjects and on Saturday, a parents-teachers meeting was scheduled where their families would have come to know of their grades” Singh said. Since the boys had failed in class 9 last year too, they found no other way to escape parents wrath this time. One of the boy took 1000 rupees from home while the other boy on pretext of tuition classes came out of the house on his scooty.

They filled petrol from a fuel station near Dhariyawad and made a call back home. One of the boy spoke to the mother of his friend demanding the ransom money. Then following the milestone both of them landed in Udaipur city around midnight. The boys confessed that they had cooked up kidnap story to gain some sympathy from their families instead of facing the wrath. Though a case of abduction had been registered, the police let them off with a strict warning.


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