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Team Modi 2.0 fulfils major electoral promises in its first cabinet meeting

A day after taking oath, Prime Minister Narednra Modi assumed office on Friday. He set out to accomplish the task of serving the nation right from the word go.  

In line with his vision for India’s safety, security and the well-being of those who protect the nation, the very first decision on assuming office was approval to a major change in the ‘Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme’ under the National Defence Fund. 

Now the ambit of The ambit of the Scholarship Scheme is extended to the wards of State Police officials who are or wer were martyred during terror or naxal attacks. 

The quota of new scholarships for wards of state police officials will be 500 in a year. 

The rates of scholarship have also been increased from Rs. 2000 per month to Rs. 2500 per month for boys and from Rs. 2250 per month to Rs. 3000 per month forgirls.

Under National Defence Fund major scheme of ‘Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS)’ is being implemented to encourage technical and post-graduate education for the widows and wards of the deceased/ex-service personnel of Armed Forces and Para Military Forces and Railway Protection Force. 

Under the PMSS, every year new scholarships are given for 5500 wards of armed forces controlled by Ministry of Defence, for 2000 wards of paramilitary forces controlled by Ministry of Home Affairs and for 150 wards of forces controlled by Ministry of Railways.

The Prime Minister has spoken at length about the monumental contribution of our police personnel. Come harsh summer, extreme winter or heavy monsoon, our police personnel are performing their duties with utmost diligence.

It may be recalled that it was under the first tenure of PM Modi that a National Police Memorial was built and dedicated to the nation. 


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