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Friday , November 24 2017
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Symantec Bares Risks To Firms in the Cloud

Symantec Corp. said risks remain high as enterprises embrace cloud applications and infrastructure at an unparalleled rate. Without proper visibility, control and protection of public cloud workloads, organizational risk is substantially increased as enterprises move to leverage their applications in these cloud environments.

‘Enterprises are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way their employees and customers consume technology,’ the cyber-security company said in a statement. ‘The influx of personally owned devices, ubiquitous high-speed Internet and cloud-based computing platforms is redefining the traditional IT [information-technology] landscape, and delivering advanced operational capabilities.’

Symantec explained that with the adoption of fully outsourced cloud applications and infrastructure, critical assets, data and users are moving well beyond the traditional corporate security perimeter. ‘Unfortunately, most security providers are simply providing isolated parts of what is required to secure these transformations, yet the cloud generation mandates a new model of integrated security,’ Symantec said.

‘The value to the enterprise of shifting to cloud applications and services is undeniable,’ Symantec President and COO Mike Fey was quoted in a statement as saying. ‘At the same time, cyber criminals look at this new, borderless infrastructure as a potential goldmine.’

Fey said enterprises today must ensure safety for mobile users and remote offices from anywhere in the world, while, at the same time, protecting organizational data as it is in transit.

‘As users and remote offices move beyond the traditional perimeter, advanced protection must follow them regardless of their location.’

Enterprises making the move to cloud are often stuck with the challenge of manually creating completely new policy sets with new vendors, which can be a significant burden to deploy and maintain.

‘Today’s cyber criminals are constantly evolving their approach to accessing organizations’ data and the need for customers to use disparate solutions to protect themselves is a challenge in itself,’ Doug Cahill, senior analyst for Enterprise…


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