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Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Switzerland based techniques to solve city’s drinking water problems

By Kartika Singh

UDAIPUR: City’s problem with clean drinking water might finally witness a ray of hope as a new water plant is all set to deliver “high quality drinking water,” based on modern Switzerland based technologies.

A new water plant, Jivan Vitality India Pvt Ltd. is on way to commence operations in Udaipur, to curb problems relating to water.

Promising purity in its water content, the company has launched these water campers, with the brand name Sujal- which means pure. It symbolizes the three key features of their product: quality, reliability and affordability.

The company is owned by four directors, namely, Yves Suter, Pascal Riboni, Patrick Schlatter and Abhishek Raju, who first decided to establish this plant in Udaipur, when they came across the problems that the city face, which include scarcity of clean drinking water and a variety of water borne diseases because of it.

“For us it is important to create a sustainable social impact and the goal is to reliably deliver high quality drinking water to the people,” said Suter.

According to him, the use of a more sophisticated technology enables them to contribute to the community with higher quality of water (minerals) and also have a “long-term effect on helping to restore ground water levels.”

The company has adopted an advanced water purification technique with latest technology from Switzerland which enables water to retain most of its naturally found minerals, while all of the other contaminants are removed.

Sujal plans at delivering chilled water campers having a simple subscription model. Also, they put in practice keeping clean and sterilized water campers, using UV technology which most of its competitors don’t.

The water campers are expected to be in market by mid-February or early March.

The production capacity of the first water plant will be around 20,000 liters per day.

What makes “Sujal” different from its competitors?

Traditionally, water vendors in Udaipur use reverse osmosis. The problem with this, according to Suter is, it kills the water by distilling it, which means it not only takes out the contaminants but also all the healthy minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium etc.

Another demerit of the traditional R.O. plants is that it has exorbitant energy consumption, which is harmful for the environment, specifically for the ground water levels. The R.O. vendors usually have wastewater from 65-75% of the input water, like for 10 liters of drinking water, six-seven liters are wasted.

This cannot be a sustainable solution to fight water scarcity. To not strain the already depleting water levels, Sujal uses a technology that enables it to reduce wastewater to 1%-10% of the input water, depending on the TDS-level of the incoming water.


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