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Thursday , November 23 2017
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Supreme Court verdict created psychology of defiance

Bursting of crackers in a grand way on day of Deepawali 19.10.2017 in Delhi and other towns of National Capital Region (NCR) was indicative of anger of people against Supreme Court verdict on sale and purchase of crackers but solely for the most important festival of majority Hindus. Even though real intention behind the verdict was good to save environment being polluted, yet such important decision must have been given so that it could neither hurt religious sentiments nor develop religious fundamentalism. It would have better that ban would have been imposed for a complete year rather than experimenting on only most important religious festival of the majority community.

Everyone including those having given the verdicts are human-beings who can have error of judgement. A follow-up verdict now can be given as confessional corrective measure by immediately lifting ban on crackers for rest of the period till01.11.2017. Or alternatively, ban should be imposed for ever rather than allowing crackers on festivals of other religions including forthcoming new-year eve.


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