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Sudan: Opposition activists reject military Council’s offer of talks

On the other side in Sudan, opposition activists have rejected the offer of talks from the country’s military council. Activists said, council cannot be trusted amid a violent crackdown on protesters in the capital, Khartoum. The deputy head of the military council, Mohammed Hamadan, defended the violent suppression, claiming that the protesters had been infiltrated by rogue elements and drug dealers.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has said it is relocating some of its staff from Sudan. UN spokeswoman, Eri Kaneko said, non-programme-critical staff is being relocated, while all operations continue in country.
However, no details were provided on the number of staffers leaving Khartoum.

Sudan has been engulfed in turmoil since security forces on Monday violently broke up a weeks-long sit-in by protesters demanding an end to military rule.A military council controls the country since pro-democracy protests in April led to the end of 30 years of authoritarian rule of President Omar al-Bashir.

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