Monday , April 19 2021
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Success of a democracy rests upon its Constitution, says Srilankan President

Addressing the first parliamentary session since he took over as President last November, he said the 1978 Constitution, which has  been amended on 19 occasions,  has  given rise to many problems because of its inherent ambiguities and confusions.

The President said in order to safeguard the security, sovereignty, stability and integrity of country, it is essential that changes be made to the existing constitution.

Terming the address as “Visions of Prosperity and Splendour”, he said electoral reforms are needed to ensure the stability of the Parliament and to ensure the direct representation of the people.

President has earlier called for abolishing the 19th amendment to constitution which has limited Presidential powers.

While noting that country’s unique position has resulted in considerable attention towards Sri Lanka in global geopolitics in recent times, Rajapaksa reiterated that they will follow a neutral foreign policy and must  strive  to  maintain  friendly  relations  with  every country.

He asserted that they will never allow other countries to take over their economically significant geographic regions or physical resources.

The parliament session was adjourned after the address and will reconvene this afternoon to discuss President address.

The current government under Prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa doesn’t have majority in Parliament and President has announced that he will dissolve the current parliament in early March to pave way for General elections.

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