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Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Students fear to enter ‘haunted’ classroom in Udaipur village

Udaipur : Reports of all-of-a-sudden strange behavior by few students at the government upper primary school in Gamdi village under Gatod gram panchayat in Sarada block of the district has baffled not only the school staff but officers of the education and health department here. Five students including four girls reading in class sixth, are reportedly behaving differently for past few days which has panicked the rest of the children.

The rumors of one of the classroom where the children read, becoming haunted, has created so much of fear that children are not willing to go to school. On Monday out of the 205 enrolled ones, only 50 scholars turned up, sources claimed. While villagers claim ‘bhaav aana’ (possessed) to be the reason behind the abnormal behavior, authorities believe it to be more of a psychological issue.

When Kalulal Ahari, the block education officer tried to counsel one of the girl for the weird behavior, she introduced herself as Velu and asked the classroom not to be opened. The girl then walked out of the school towards her home. When the teachers followed the girl, they were puzzled to see her speaking irrelevant things all by herself. The medical team visited the school on Tuesday for a checkup but couldn’t figure out any reason. Teachers pacified some pupils to attend class on tuesday, however, most of them were reluctant. “ This sort of behavior change has been reported first time in the school.

It doesnt seems any kind of mischief by someone from the village, rather it appears the students are struck by some fear. We have convinced the parents to take their children to Udaipur for psychiatric help” Ahari said. Meanwhile, the alleged haunted classroom has been kept shut. Classes will not be taken here instead I have asked the Principal to turn it as the office, the BEO informed.


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