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Monday , January 22 2018
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Student tries to immolate self inside Dean’s chamber

commerce-collegeUdaipur : Students politics took a sour turn on Friday noon at the Sukhadia University’s commerce college campus when a student tried to set himself on fire inside the Dean’s chamber. However, the staff members were quick enough to snatch away the bottle filled with kerosene and thus averted a casualty.

Himanshu Bagri, the student who attempted the act was one among the seven persons who were suspended by the college authorities a previous day for their alleged involvement in clash between two warring groups of female students. Bagri claimed that his name was being unnecessarily dragged in a false case and was tired of the mental harassment. Students were divided in two groups since the college elections here. According the police, on Thursday two opposition groups of female students clashed inside the college campus. Members of one group led by President candidate Payal Meena thrashed Priyanka Patidar, a student of the rival group. An FIR was registered by Priyanka at the Bhupalpura police station where she accused 7 students behind the assault.

The college authorities too set up an enquiry committee and suspended all the accused. Himanshu Bagri, who was one among them went to meet G. Soral the college dean inside his chamber on Friday. In a fit of fury he took out a bottle from his pocket which was filled with kerosene and tried to pour it on himself. Taken aback by the sudden act, the people present inside the chamber acted quickly and deterred Bagri. Cops were called in who took Bagri to the police station and recorded his statement.


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