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Sri Lanka SC appoints bench to hear pleas against Ex- IGP, defence secretary

Chief Justice Jayantha Jayasuriya decided that these petitions are of national importance and should be heard before a fuller bench.

Earlier, country’s Attorney General had informed the court to consider the petition before a fuller bench.

The petitions were filed by seven parties including the Sri Lanka Bar Association (BASL) accusing the IGP and the former Defense Secretary of infringing the fundamental rights of the people by failing to prevent the attacks which killed 258 people including 45 foreigners.

Meanwhile, IGP Pujith Jayasundara testifying at the Special Parliamentary Select Committee stated that the President has asked him not to attend the National Security Council meetings.

When inquired, the IGP responded that he attended the meetings until October 23rd in 2018 since the day he took up the post as the IGP. The IGP, who was sent on compulsory leave after attacks, said that he was called again for the meetings after the attacks.

He has filed a FR petition challenging the decision. Former Defense secretary Hemasiri Fernando also appeared before the committee and said that he assumed that the President was informed by intelligence inputs about the attacks.

Fernando said he was a helpless defense secretary as he could not meet even his Minister once every two weeks. Sri Lankan government had accepted that there were inputs from India about possible attacks but no measures were taken to prevent it. 

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