Tuesday , April 13 2021
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Sri Lanka: Police imposed curfew after Mosques attacked

Police curfew was imposed within Kuliyapitiya, Bingiriya and Dummalasuriya police divisions to diffuse a tense situation as mobs gathered to target a particular community.

Earlier, curfew was imposed in Chilaw area owing to a tense situation that occurred when the residents of the area had objected to a social media post and attacked shops owned by Muslims and a mosque. The person who made the post was arrested by the police.

Hate crimes has been on the rise against Muslims following Easter Sunday attacks which killed over 250 people including 45 foreigners.

An area in Negombo faced similar attacks last week while several social media posts are in circulation calling for boycott of Muslim businesses.

Political and religious leaders have called for calm saying terrorists have no religion and majority of Muslims in the country are opposed to such acts. 

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