Sunday , April 11 2021
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Sri Lanka: Four new positive case of COVID-19 confirmed in last 24 hours.

With this, the total number of infected cases reached 106 in the country out of which seven have recovered. The new cases occurred after a gap of two days when no cases were reported.

The whole country is under curfew since last Friday to prevent the spread of virus.

Government has insisted that  public must strictly adhere to the curfew, imposed with the sole purpose of to preventing the spread of COVID – 19 which has become a major health issue.

Only vehicles carrying essential services are allowed while other vehicles are not allowed on roads without a valid curfew pass.

The government also requested all Sri Lankans currently overseas to remain safely in their current locations until the COVID situation is brought under control.

A statement from President media office said that as a measure to prevent the virus from entering the country and spreading, all arrivals from foreign countries have been completely suspended.

Meanwhile, a Sri Lankan residing in Switzerland has died after contracting the virus.

On the other hand, Health Minister Pavithradevi Wanniarachchi expressed her disappointment and anger that a 67-year-old COVID 19 infected individual had dodged quarantine for more than a week and suspected of having coming in contact with over 50 other Sri Lankans in the last few days.

She said the patient has come back to Sri Lanka after a two week stay in India last week and travelled to many parts of the country.

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