Friday , April 23 2021
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Sri Lanka: 14 MPs of TNA extend support for restoration of UNF led govt

The MPs belonging to ITAK, the single largest party in alliance wrote to President for appointment of UNF nominee as Prime minister who is able to command the confidence of parliament.

UNF led by Ranil Wickresminghe was removed from the government and Mahinda Rajapsas was appointed prime minister last month.

The MPs said the no confidence motions against the new government has created a controversy whether the country is without a prime minister and cabinet urging that the situation should not continue.

The development assumes significance as TNA held the leader of opposition post during government of Wickremsinghe and without its support, UNF did not have the majority numbers in 225 member parliament. Rajapksa side had earlier claimed that they have the support of 104 MPs against 102 supporting UNF.

Meanwhile, Speaker met President Maithripala Sirisena Thursday evening in a bid to resolve the crisis. Speaker office said President agreed to have separate meetings with UNF and TNA groups tomorrow to discuss a solution.

Earlier, a motion was passed by parliament on Thursday to suspend funds to office of new Prime minister even as MPs supporting Rajapaksa boycotted the session for the second day to protest against Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.  The motion was passed with all 123 MPs present in 225 member parliament voting in favour of the motion. 

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