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Wednesday , January 24 2018
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Sonar Fort in darkness for past 5 years

JAISALMER: Tourists coming to Jaisalmer to see the beauty of Sonar Fort at night are disappointed as it is plunged in darkness.

For the last 4-5 years, the floodlights installed around the fort are not being lit due to the tussle between municipal council and tourism department. Tourism department has not paid the outstanding electricity bill which runs in lakhs of rupees to the municipal council, thus, the municipal council has not maintained the lights.

Former district collector NL Meena had also written to the tourism commissioner to clear the outstanding amount of Rs 10.5 lakh.

District collector Vishwa Mohan Sharma said they were trying their best to sort out the issue of Sonar Fort and have sought help from the government also. Before the upcoming tourist season, they hope to solve the issue and start the Sonar Fort’s lights again.

To attract tourists coming to Jaisalmer to the Sonar Fort, the state government in 1996-97 had installed 540 floodlights around the fort. At that time Rs 36 lakh was spent. At night time, the fort looked beautiful illumined with the lights, making it visible till many kilometers away from Jaisalmer.

But in last 4-5 years, due to the tussle between two departments, who are alleging and counter-alleging each other, the lights are not being lit. On the other hand, Tourism Business Mahasangh president Jitendra Singh Rathore said that the district administration and tourism department are totally indifferent to the problem.


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