Friday , December 3 2021

Shubham and Khushi were selected the Mr and Miss Pharmacy 2019

Udaipur : The students of B Pharmacy II organized the Freshers Party at BN Gymnasium for the students of B Pharmacy I this is informed by Dr. Yuvraj Singh Sarangdevot, Principal of BN Pharmacy College at Bhupal Nobles University, In this beautiful program, more than one of colorful performances tied the crowd. Dr. Kamal Singh Rathore, Mr. Alok Bhargava and Dr. Gajendra Singh were the judges. In this program, Shubham Panwar and Khushi Pancholi were chosen as Mr. and Miss Pharmacy 2019 respectively based on the intellectual and cultural competitions held at various stages. Deepak Chauhan and Komal Maliwal were runners-up to Mr. and Miss Fresher respectively. Lokendra Singh Chundawat and Ruchi Dasora were awarded the titles of Mr. and Miss Evening. The chief guest was Dr. Pushpendra Singh Naruka.

The anchors were Jenya Rao and Shubham Bapna. Dr. Siddharaj Singh Sisodia, Dr. Yuvraj Singh Tanwar, Dr. Jai Singh Vaghela, Dr. Bhavani Singh Sonigra, Dr. Pradeep Goyal, Dr. Anshu Sharma, Dr. Priyadarshini Kamble, Hitesh Kothari, Harshvardhan Singh, Arvind Singh, etc. were present in the program. Dr. Mahendra Singh Ranawat , Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy congratulated all the winners and wished the bright future for the newcomers. Prateek and the group forced everyone to dance by presenting a tremendous medley dance. Rani Soni performed superb songs .

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