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Shramik special trains continue to bring back migrants

Indian Railways operationalised 3274 “Shramik Special” trains till 26th May 2020. More than 44 lakh passengers have been ferried back to their home states through these “Shramik Special” trains in 25 days.

More than 74 lakh free meals and 1 crore water bottles have been distributed by railways. In addition to Shramik Specials, Railways are running 15 pairs of special trains connecting New Delhi from 12th May.

Railway plans to start 200 more time tabled trains from1st June 2020. Railway has ensured that all precautionary guidelines are followed in view of the COVID 19 situation.

On May 1, the Indian Railways started the migrant special trains to facilitate the movement of workers back to their home states. In the last four days, railway has operated 260 trains on an average daily carrying about three lakh passengers.

The top five states and union territories from where maximum trains originated are Gujarat Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. The top five states where maximum trains terminated are Uttar Pradesh ,Bihar, Jharkhand ,Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

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