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Secret code words used in MP honey-trap scandal

Bhopal, Oct 1 (udaipur kiran) More revelations have tumbled out of the closet of what’s called India’s biggest sex scandal involving bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen in Madhya Pradesh. The Special Investigation Team (SIT), probing the quid pro quo sex scandal has now found a diary which mentions code words – such as ‘mera pyar’, ‘panchhi’, ‘VIP’ which were used for the targets, sources said here on Tuesday.

According to sources, the diary was recovered from one of the women arrested by the SIT. The woman is a resident of Riviera Town in Bhopal. Police also recovered a number of video clips, pictures from her, apart from the diary.

The diary also contains the details about money received, arrears and many other things including the names of the high profile politicians and bureaucrats involved in the sex racket.

udaipur kiran sources have found some documents which are believed to be some of the pages of the diary which clearly contains the name of a former Madhya Pradesh high profile politician, who is now holding a high position in Delhi. The documents also have names of former ministers and Members of Parliament.

The pages of the diary bear the code words used for the sex racket. Images of love sign with arrow marks can also be seen along with the code words in the diary pages.

The code word ‘panchhi’ was used apparently for a big ‘catch’, udaipur kiran sources said.

The ‘mera pyar’ code word was generally used by the young girls who laid their hands on suspected victims. For high profile politicians, ‘VIP’ code word was used, the sources added.

The diary, recovered from the woman, also mentions the name of a NGO run by her husband.

The honey-trap cum extortion racket run by an all-woman ring involved using thousands of video clips of powerful politicians and bureaucrats in compromising positions to extort money and contracts from them.

The accused Shweta Jain and five others have been arrested by the SIT which is currently probing the case.

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