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Saturday , October 21 2017
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School bus driver arrested for inappropriate behavior with kids

Udaipur : A school bus driver was arrested here on Tuesday after he faced charges of inappropriate behavior with young children while they were riding on the school bus. When the parents approached the school management with the complaint initially, the Principal said since the bus didn’t belong to the school and was operated by a third party, they couldn’t take any action. The infuriated parents went to the Hiran Magri police station. Later the school authorities stood by the guardians and initiated a written complaint against the mini-bus driver Mohammed Ayub resident of Alipura who was immediately arrested. Police would now investigate to find if there may be more potential victims.

The incident came to light when some of the parents gathered outside the Titardi branch of  St. Mary’s school on Tuesday noon. One of the parent Pankaj Sahu said that his son a student of LKG have been complaining for past 3-4 days of the driver’s misconduct. The child said that the driver uncle often tried to put his hands inside his underwear and hurt him . When the little boy resisted, the driver even slapped him. Another parent Vijay Sahu also said that the driver tried to molest his little daughter. Other children too have been facing the ‘driver uncle’s’ inappropriate behaviour and that the kids were too frightened to travel in the bus with the man. The parents claimed that it is the school’s responsibility to provide proper and safe conveyance for the children and even if it is on a contract basis, the school administration has to keep a tab on the drivers since they pick and drop the children inside the school campus. After some resistance,  Principal Sister Deepti agreed and gave a written complaint to the police against the bus driver who was arrested on molestation charges.


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