Tuesday , April 20 2021
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SC orders phased removal of 48000 jhuggies from railways land in NCT

The Court has asked all the stakeholders to devise and execute a comprehensive plan for removal of jhuggies in a phased manner. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has made it clear that no other court will interfere in the removal process of these jhuggies. 
The court said, “No interference, political or otherwise, should be there and no Court shall grant any stay with respect to removal of the encroachments in the area in question.”

The railways stated in the court that there are predominant presence of jhuggies in Delhi along with 140 km route length of track in the region of NCT of Delhi where the railway tracks take off in different directions and also include a ring connecting the takeoff of all these routes.

Out of this, about 70 km route length of track is affected by large jhuggie clusters existing in close vicinity of the tracks.
These clusters sum up to a total of about 48000 numbers of Jhuggies in the region adjacent to Railway tracks. 

The Supreme Court has also directed the Railways, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Municipal Corporations concerned and Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement
Trust (DUISB) to ensure removal of the plastic bags, garbage etc. from railway tracks within a period of three months. The court said that the 70% of the requisite amount shall be borne by the Railways and 30% by the State Government. The manpower shall be provided by the SDMC,Railways and agencies available with the Government, free of cost,and they will not charge it from each other.

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