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Russian ballet dancers perform in kitchens for online fans

Seven dancers from the Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, one of Russia’s most prominent troupes, have been filming spins in their kitchens, lifts in their living rooms and plies as they sweep the floor.

They have compiled their moves into a short but entertaining video.

Set to music by composer Ludwig Minkus, the three-minute video, shared on the theatre’s social media pages last Sunday, has garnered nearly 30,000 views on Instagram and more than 550 comments on Facebook.

“Artists remain true to themselves even in the current unusual conditions,” the Mikhailovsky Theatre said. “While they do not have the opportunity to interact with spectators at the theatre, the interior of their homes serves as a stage and creative platform for them.”

The theatre said the initiative had come from principal dancer Ivan Vasilyev, who in the video is seen lifting ballerina Maria Vinogradova across a living room as she carries a casserole.

The final seconds of the performance include bows, applause and bouquets, like a live show.

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