Ruling party and oppn will work together : Yogi

Lucknow, March 29 : In his first address to the Uttar Pradesh assembly after assuming office for the second time, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday said that the ruling party and opposition will work together towards the progress of the state and will maintain the dignity of the House by strengthening democracy. The Chief Minister also congratulated senior BJP leader Satish Mahana on becoming the Speaker of the Assembly. Addressing the 18th Legislative assembly on Tuesday, the CM said “Democracy has two wheels, one is the ruling party and the other is the opposition, both of them together will work for the population of 25 crores. Together we will contribute to making the new Uttar Pradesh of New India.” At the same time, Yogi Adityanath also advised the opposition referring to the campaigns during the recently held state elections that the public is against any kind of negativity. Rather, the public will only accept the ones with a positive mindset, who are progressive, and ready to work for public welfare. Development is possible only with positivity and the trust of the public has to be fulfilled, he said. “Today, when the country’s expectations are from a state like Uttar Pradesh in every area, the state has to prepare itself to live up to those expectations. The government has to work with the opposition to move forward. Ek aur ek do nahi, balki 11 (gyarah) bankar loktantra ko majboot karte hain.” Stating that 343 members took oath in a single day which reflects the positive side of democracy, the CM said that now the members need to think for the downtrodden people, the youth, women, farmers, labourers, of the state and work towards their upliftment and welfare. “We, as members of this House have the trust of the people, we can’t let this trust turn to distrust at any point,” said Yogi. “The entire country had its eyes on the Uttar Pradesh assembly. It was also a challenge to call the 17th assembly during the Covid-19 period, be we did it. We also conducted the house for 36 hours on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, which was an achievement in itself Congratulating the speaker,” Yogi also said that it is an honour to get the opport ty to serve the population of 25 crores during the ‘Amritkaal’. Furthermore, he added , “As a team, we also have certain resolutions to fulfill and realise the dream of PM Modi of establishing a New Uttar Pradesh of New India.” MB RKM

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