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Thursday , January 18 2018
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Ruchita murder mystery: Police takes U-turn, says killer is putting on ‘psychic’ face

l_accused-arrested-5842dde96dc4a‘Accused sent to 5 days police remand’

Udaipur : In a  twist to the murder case of a woman laywer Ruchita Gupta, in which police arrested  her neighbour and 22-year-old Divya Kothari on Saturday and claimed that he killed the woman in an unstable mental condition, authorities told media on Sundaythat the accused could be acting fake to escape the legal consequences. “ He loves to watch Hollywood adventure movies and regularly watches crime thrillers on television. Perhaps he knows he could escape severe punishment if he succeeds to make others believe he is mentally unfit” an officer said. The police version of the ‘psycho’ killer was  not received too well by the civil society and common people who expressed disbelief on the story and demanded for a fair investigation.

Meanwhile, Divya alias Kittu was produced before the magistrate who sent him to police remand until December 8. The reason for the police taking a U-turn is told to be the wide contradiction between circumstantial evidences found at Ruchita’s flat and Divya’s confession of having killed the woman for no strong reason.  “ We found Ruchita’s pants to be half pulled down, the front and back portion of her top was torn which indicates Divya might had tried to take some undue advantage from her which she opposed. He hit her with a heavy spanner while she was inside the kitchen and dragged her to another room. He hit her back to back until she fell dead” Chandra Purohit, SHO Ambamata and member of the special investigative team told Udaipur Kiran.

Divya had allegedly made 8 suicide attempts to kill himself after the murder and later surrendered in a police station. He said he surrendered because the police would get him a death sentence for the crime he committed. Divya had put up a psychic act since and blamed his parents to have laid him under severe pressure to become a chartered accountant.

I hate ‘0’ because I am a zero myself- Divya

 Authorities brought Divya before the media on Sunday who asked him the reason for his act. “My parents do not let me do what I want. I have been a total failure since past 3 years, not been able to clear a single exam. It was my childhood dream to join the merchant navy but my parents didn’t let me go for I was their only son and wanted me to become a chartered accountant” Divya broke into tears. He said “ I was their pampered son, I am not good looking because of my heavy weighing body. I looked like a 0 and I had become zero because I was failing in all exams. This lead me into a stage of depression, lack of concentration but I didnt share my problems with my parents or friends”. Confessing his crime, Divya also said that he had no reasons to kill Ruchita aunty as he rarely interacted with her. But he killed her in a state of semi-consciousness under the influence of poison that he had consumed and that he couldn’t recall the sequences well. Divya’s assault had been so hard that broke Ruchita’s denture, fractured bones and caused severe head injury.

Another shocking fact was Divya had clicked pictures of Ruchita’s pet- a star turtle in his mobile phone after the brutal murder. However, he claims not to remember to have clicked any. Divya had carried Ruchita’s mobile phone and the murder weapon along with him and thrown them away at different places during his alleged journey to various parts of the city for suicidal attempts which the cops feel a person with unstable mental condition would be unable to do. “ This is entirely a new kind of case we are dealing with and we took a soft approach by pampering him and winning his confidence so that he reveal the truth to us. However, his behavior like a kid before us and intelligence on daily affairs fails him” DySP Gopal Singh Bhati said. The cops said more counseling sessions during the remand period is expected to bring out the truth and real motive of the murder.


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