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Thursday , January 18 2018
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Ruchita murder case: No lawyers from Udaipur to plead for Divya: Bar Association

‘Accused given in extended 3 days of police remand’

Udaipur : Situations are getting complicated for the accused Divya Kothari and his family in the much hyped Ruchita Gupta murder case. On Thursday, the 22-year old CA aspirant was produced before the court here which granted the investigating officer’s request for an extension of remand. He will remain in police custody till Decemeber 11, said Mangilal Punwar, SHO Sukher and  investigating officer. Though the police has recovered blood soaked clothes of Divya from the place where he had deserted it along with the spanner he used to hit Ruchita, another sharp weapon is still to be recovered, sources claimed. The assault had been so brutal that Ruchita’s jaws, facial muscles were torn and nerves damaged. The autopsy report issued by the medical board suggested the victim had gone through a severe torture and was overpowered badly by the assailant.  On Thursday, a large crowd had gathered at the court to catch a glimpse of the killer. However, victim Ruchita being a lawyer and anticipating a sharp reaction from the community, police waited till evening to produce the accused before the court.

Meanwhile, in a meeting  called by the Udaipur Bar Association which unanimously passed a resolution binding all the members not to take up Divya’s case. “ The victim Ruchita Gupta was a registered member of the association and like a family. No one from Udaipur or even the other five districts of the division will be permitted to represent Divya and if anyone does so, a disciplinary action would be taken” Bharat Joshi, president of the association told TOI. This is the third time when the bar has taken such a decision. The earlier cases too had been related to lawyers murders. “ The accused has a legal right to defend himself and they can engage any lawyer from outside Mewar-Wagar, we wont allow anyone from here” Joshi said. Divya’s parents had even approached one of a senior criminal lawyer to represent their son but they were turned down by the latter.

Divya’s shocking confession continues

Divya’s confessions on the brutal way he killed Ruchita continues to shock the investigators. “ Divya revealed that he had fallen head to foot in love with the woman. He fantasized weird things about her and was waiting for an opportunity to express his desire for her” Chandra Purohit, SHO Ambamata police station said. Authorities also said though his parents were unaware of the strong feelings of their son towards Ruchita, now they are making all efforts to save him. The parents who went to see him at the police station, allegedly whispered in his ears to continue the psychic act. However, legal experts are in the opinion that whatever acting he may put in, without a proper certification, he cannot be deemed mentally unfit and thus cannot escape the consequences. “ He passed school examinations with flying colours, was studying for chartered accountancy which is not possible for any person with unfit mental faculties” a senior advocate said.


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