Sunday , July 5 2020
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Record increase in Corona cases, death toll 709 in Bangladesh

On Tuesday, 2911 people tested positive for Corona infection in the country over the last 24 hours  taking the total number of infected people to 52,445. During this period 37 patients died due to Corona raising the number of deaths to 709.

In the meanwhile, the first death due to Corona virus in the Rohingya refugee camps was reported at Ukhiya in Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh. The Cox’s Bazar area shelters more than a million Rohingya refugees who came to Bangladesh after military crackdown in Rakhine Province of Myanmar in 2017.

In order to contain further spread of Corona in the country, government has decided to divide the country into red, green and yellow zones depending upon the severity of the Corona virus spread. Health Minister Zahid Maleq said on Monday that health experts will work out the Zoning details. Based on this, decision about lock-down can be taken for severely affected areas.

Subsequent to the opening of offices and markets, government of Bangladesh has instructed that only 25 percent staff will be allowed in the office at any point of time.

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