Rakesh Kumar Yadav Rajasthani Folk Music Artist “KAJOD” is making a splash in the digital world

If you want to be successful, then believe in hard work, luck is tried while gambling. With this thought, a folk artist from Rajasthan is making a lot of noise in the world of digital media. The name of this artist is Rakesh Kumar Yadav “KAJOD”.

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Rakesh’s fame is due to his songs and comedy, which are so great that if you watch him once, you will also want to see more of his songs and videos. That is why today he has millions of fans, who eagerly wait for his every video.

Rakesh Kumar Yadav “Kajod” is rich in talent. Believe in hard work and do not hold back for it. That’s why today he has more than a million subscribers on YouTube. So the number of his fans on Instagram is close to a million.

Videos of Rakesh are very much liked especially among the youth. Regarding this, Rakesh said that I do my work with full dedication. Because of this, I get a lot of love and blessings from people. I try to approach each of my projects in a new way. What is not that people get bored with one type of content and boring things do not work in the digital world.

Let us tell you that many songs of Rakesh Kumar Yadav aka Kajod are viral on YouTube, so a lot is made on his comedy too. His songs like Police Se Patak Pachad, Thanedar, Aukaat Deshiya Ki, Kako Kumak Dil are among the most listened songs even today.

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