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Thursday , January 18 2018
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Rajsamand temple receives 32 L in donation box

Udaipur : A Bhairavnath temple in a non descript town in Dhelana in Rajsamand district saw a jump of donations made by devotees after Deepawali. In the counting and donation assessment held by the temple authorities on Thursday, currencies worth approximate 32 lakh rupees were received while receipts worth over 28 lakh rupees had been issued for the assessment period.

The offerings also came in the form of silver weighing 4.5 kilogram and 11 grams of gold, sources said. Typically, the temple, receives donations of 2-3 lakhs in a quarter, however, this time the cash boxes have seen a 10 times jump said Amet Tehsildar.

“A police team was deployed while the counting took place, however, we didn’t have much to do since the temple authorities have deposited the money in their bank account, said Karan Singh, SHO Amet police station. The spurt in donation is being viewed as the effect of demonetization as people attempted to dump their currencies in cash boxes at various temples across the nations, however, sources claim the increase in charity could also because of the construction work going around the temple.


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