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Wednesday , November 22 2017
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Rahul is still not mature, please give him time: Sheila Dikshit

New Delhi: Former Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit raised several eyebrows after her interview with TOI, where while speaking about Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi she said, “Rahul is still not mature, please give him time”.


Shiela, was earlier the Congress’ face in UP, but she stepped back after the alliance formation between Congress and Samajwadi Party.


While commenting on her stepping back she said, “It is wrong to say I have stopped campaigning. Since I came back, I have gone wherever the party has asked me to go. I was supposed to go to Kanpur and Banaras but then I fell ill so I could not go. Now I am better and will soon be going to Banaras”.


While commenting on Congress’ fading charm Shiela said, “You see we are going through change. It is both a generational change and a change in politics from what it was till a few years back. The political language has changed quite a lot. For instance, you would not expect the PM to say what he said about former PM Manmohan Singh. In this change of approach, link, language and relationships, Congress is adjusting itself.”


She further said, “And please remember, Rahul is still not mature, his age does not allow him to be mature. He is what… in his forties. Please give him time.”


“I think he has come a long way. He is not yet prime minister because that opportunity will come later but he is doing things. He is attending meetings and he is one person who is known to speak his mind. I feel it is good that he is natural but if some feel that it is not so then one develops it on the way”.


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