Friday , October 22 2021

Quick Guide to the T20 IPL Format and Cricket Betting

For fans of cricket, there is much to be thankful for and to look forward to throughout the year. From an international cricketing perspective, the menu of delights includes international test cricket, where teams from major cricketing nations like South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, England, and of course, India, really test their metal against one another.

Not everyone has the stamina to endure a full test series; it does take quite a bit of commitment, not only as a spectating fan, but for those that choose to place the odd wager or two. However, there are other shorter formats to take in. Consider these the bit-sized side of modern international cricket, if you will. There is plenty to choose from here including one-day matches, also known as List A matches, where overs are limited to 50, or the newer version of T20, where overs are limited to just 20 per side.

The obvious advantage to the shorter format is a higher level of risk, as teams have a limited amount of time and overs in order to achieve the highest scores possible. This not only makes for a more exciting and entertaining spectator sport; it makes for more exciting and entertaining betting as well!

Quick Guide to Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is quite a straight forward form of sports betting, and is actually considerably easier than other sports betting options like NBA basketball or American football. Perhaps the easiest way to get into cricket betting is to start with a limited overs format such as the on-day or T20 cricket formats. In this way, you know that your bets are limited to just the day or evening’s action, and there is no need to spread out betting strategies over 5 days, as one would with full test cricket betting.

Betting on the T20 Format

If you would like to get a bit more specific in your cricket betting, we recommend checking out the T20 format, which is used throughout the cricketing world. If the T20 format sounds familiar, it is the format used by the Indian Premier League, and is the format used for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, to be held later this year.

As you can probably imagine, betting on the T20 format is one of the most exciting cricket betting experiences that you can have, and it is very easy to get swept up in all of the hype, pageantry and excitement generated by the teams as well as the fans.

Another advantage to selecting T20 format as your go to cricket betting format, is that you don’t need a great deal of experience in order to taste success. In fact, today match prediction from tipsters makes it easier than ever to get a few good tips from insiders and experts about who is favoured to win, who is showing strength in batting, bowling or fielding, along with a host of other options that are worth placing a bet or two on.

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