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Protests over Floyd’s death continue to rage across U.S.

Eight days into the nationwide protests, incidents of arson, vandalism and looting happened in various places, along with civilian deaths and injuries of journalists related to alleged abusive use of force by the police.

According to U.S. officials with the Department of Defense, the national guard soldiers have been deployed in 29 states and would assist law enforcement officers in the face of riots.

As protests have spread to more than 140 cities across the United States, at least 40 of them have imposed curfews to curb acts of violence in extensive demonstrations against police brutality and racism, which usually erupted at night.

In D.C. on Monday evening, protesters gathered outside the White House, chanting “No justice, no peace.” Due to the 17:10 curfew imposed in the capital, the number of protesters saw a drop compared to the previous days.

Pleading in vain for his life, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American, died on May 25 after Derek Chauvin. a white officer, was captured on video pinning Floyd down by his neck for eight minutes in Minneapolis.

All four police officers involved have been fired, and Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter

Protests erupted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the following day, and quickly spread across the United States.

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