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Pressure mounts on SP MP Azam Khan to apologise for his remarks in Lok Sabha

Leaders from all the political parties termed the remark as inappropriate. Union Ministers condemned Azam Khan’s objectionable comment and demanded stringent action against him in order to ensure no such incident is repeated.

Leaders from various political parties also expressed dissent over the Azam khan’s objectionable comment. Urging political parties to unite on the issue, the leaders demanded that the speaker take strict action against the SP leader.

The Speaker, after listening to the views of MPs from various political parties, said the decision will be taken after deliberations with leaders of all political parties.

BSP Chief, Mayawati too condemned Azam Khan’s remark against BJP MP Rama Devi. She said

“His statement is against the dignity of women, it is hurtful. It is highly condemnable, he should not only apologize to the Lok Sabha but also to all women” on her tweeter handle.

BJP MP Rama Devi said that MPs sitting in the house should not make such comments against any women. She demanded strong action against Azam Khan.

At present, the matter is with the speaker and it is yet to be seen what necessary action is going to be taken against Azam.

But one thing is clear that the House has taken steps to defend the dignity of women by condemning the remarks made against Rama Devi in parliament.

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