Wednesday , April 21 2021
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President addresses joint sitting of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha

Delivering his first address to the joint sitting since the formation of the 17th Lok Sabha, the President said the people of India have given a mandate to continue with the country’s development journey that started in 2014.

He said government is moving ahead to create a strong, secure and inclusive India. The President said that government has started a pension scheme to help farmers and small traders live a life of dignity.

Congratulating the Election Commission and crores of officials and security personnel involved in holding the general elections, he pointed out that over 61 crore people voted in the Lok Sabha polls, creating a record.

He said women came out in large numbers to exercise their franchise and a record 78 women have been elected as members of the Lok Sabha — the highest ever and almost half of the elected members are first timers.

The President said that simultaneous elections in the country, are “need of the hour” as frequent elections being held in some part of the country or the other, impact the pace and continuity of development programmes.

President Kovind spoke about the decision to start pension schemes for farmers and small traders, and extending the scheme to give Rs 6000 input subsidy to all farmers. Noting that a strong national economy can be built only on the foundation of a strong rural economy, he said an investment of Rs 25 lakh crore will be made in the coming years in order to enhance agriculture productivity.

The President said that the campaign against blackmoney will be taken forward at a faster pace and the zero tolerance policy against corruption will be made more comprehensive and effective.

President Ramnath Kovind said with the implementation of GST, the concept of ‘One country, One tax, One market’ has become a reality and steps for further simplification of GST will continue.

President termed national security as one of top most priorities of the Narendra Modi government. He underlined Centre’s commitment towards security of the country, saying the Government was taking forward the modernisation process of the armed forces.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today introduced members of his council of ministers to the upper house of parliament. Soon after the President’s address to the joint sitting of both the houses, the Prime Minister introduced all his ministers to the Rajya Sabha.


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