Tuesday , April 13 2021
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PM: Well being of Indians at the centre of foreign policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in interview to a national daily said that government’s foreign policy has put at its centre the development of the country, well-being of Indians and shared progress and prosperity in the world. India’s robust foreign policy has ensured that it is the first responder to natural calamities striking its neighbours. 

Prime Minister said that ‘Diplomacy for Development’ has contributed energetically to the agenda of India’s transformation. Prime Minister added that intensified engagements with leading global economies and businesses have brought more than 200 billion dollar investments in to the country over the past four years. PM said that, apart from fuelling the country’s rapid economic growth, these investments have helped establish new factories, generate additional services and create lakhs of jobs. Prime Minister also said that through  unprecedented diplomatic outreach, govt formed scores of partnerships for Make in India, Skill India, Smart Cities, Digital India, Start-up India and other national programmes that will help build a New India by 2022.

Besides, Prime MInister said that through new global energy partnerships, govt is creating new and secure sources of assured supplies and reserves, despite a volatile international market. Global giants from Russia, UAE and Saudi Arabia are investing about 35 billion dollars in the energy sector in India. At the same time, Indian companies have bagged stakes for the first time in oil fields in the Middle East and many other competitive markets in the world. 

Our partnerships to procure uranium from many countries will help sustain the country’s civil nuclear programme and promote science, technology and industry in India. Prime MInister said that India’s proactive foreign policy has a human face. PM noted that today, Indians all over the world feel confident and secure that in their difficulties, they will have a friend in the form of Indian embassies.

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