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PM Narendra Modi addresses the nation through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ today

While addressing the nation through his monthly radio show, ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ PM Modi said, “A vast country such as India, with its proactive endeavor on the path of development is fighting a decisive battle against poverty. This is the only medium it possesses to fight the Corona and triumph over it.”

He further added, “We are fortunate that today country; every citizen of country; every person is a soldier in this battle; nay, leading the battle. Cast a glance anywhere, you’ll notice that India’s fight is people driven at time when world is trying to extricate itself from clutches of pandemic.”

PM said, “In future when it will be dwelt upon in hindsight; when ways and means will be reflected upon, I do believe that India’s people driven fight will also be touched upon.”

Mentioning about the national battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, PM said, “From food for the underprivileged, arranging rations, ensuring lockdown arrangements in hospitals to manufacturing medical equipments indigenously, the entire country is marching ahead together in the same direction, towards a single common objective.”

“Collective applause, Thaalis, lamps, candles are reflective of a rising sentiment that has inspired countrymen to be altruistic, motivating each and everyone on the way, a case in point are our farmer brothers and sisters – on the one hand, they are toiling day and night amidst the scourge of the pandemic; on the other displaying due concern to ensure that none in country goes to bed hungry:” He added.

Applauding the financial support received from the general public, PM said, “Everyone is putting up a fight, as per one’s capacity and ability. There are some who are waiving off rent; there are others depositing entire amounts received through prizes and pension in PM Cares Funds.”

He also said, “Some are donating vegetables grown on farms; others are feeding a multitude of the under privileged. Some are making masks; at places, our construction workers are whitewashing and painting schools meant for their quarantine stay.”

PM said, people who have been linked to covidwarriors.gov.in platform, have been of immense help at the local level in preparing crisis management plans and implementing them.

PM Modi also emphasized on the role of India’s transport and postal network in the fight against COVID-19, PM said, “Many of you might be aware of a special campaign called ‘Lifeline Udan’ undertaken for ensuring supply of medicines to every corner of the country and Indian Railways is running more than 100 parcel trains on close to 60 routes.”

“Friends, money is being directly transferred into accounts of the poor, as part of Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Package. Old age pension has been started. The poor are being provided facilities like free of cost gas cylinders & rations for 3 months,” PM said.

PM Modi highlighted about the role of states and local administration as a critical one in the fight against Corona. “Their hard work is worthy of commendation,” He said.

“By providing medicines to the world even when the priority is to save our own citizens first, India went beyond nature and degeneration and took a decision of keeping up with our culture,” PM said

PM Modi stressed on the importance of Ayurveda and said, “People everywhere are discussing India’s Ayurveda and Yoga to boost immunity, I am sure Ayurveda would be very helpful for you too.”

Mentioning about the celebration of festivals in lockdown, PM said, “Recently, we observed many festivals such as Bihu, Baisakhi, Puthandu, Vishu and Odia New Year, we saw how people celebrated these festivals staying indoors, with great simplicity while wishing well for society.”

In the end, PM cautioned the countrymen to not be overconfident and maintain two-yard distance. PM Modi also said, “By next Mann Ki Baat, we hope that we get news of relief from coronavirus the world over.”

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