Friday , April 23 2021
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PM Modi urges lawmakers to work together to fulfil aspirations of people

Replying to Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in Rajya Sabha, PM said the Opposition should allow the Lok Sabha to function seamlessly. PM Modi advised the Congress to shun arrogance of its majority in Rajya Sabha. PM said people have given the incumbent government a huge mandate.

The Prime Minister said, India is aiming to become a five trillion Dollar economy and appealed to all states to take part in the economic development of the country. PM Modi said the Opposition have problems with technology, digital transactions, Aadhaar and GST. PM advised it to allow the technological changes, rather seeing them with negativity.

Talking about electoral reforms, Prime Minister Modi said, Indian voters are mature and cannot undermine their own wisdom. PM asked all political parties to participate in the dialogue on One nation One Election to save time and money for development.

The Prime Minister said there should be a uniform yardstick for all acts of violence, whether it takes place in Jharkhand, West Bengal, or Kerala. PM also termed the Jharkhand lynching incident as painful and said the guilty should be given a harsh punishment.

PM Modi, however, said that calling Jharkhand as a hub of lynching and mob violence is unfair and an insult to the state. Taking inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th Year of Birth Anniversary and 75th Year of Independence, PM appealed to the people to adopt small changes in life and work to inspire a big revolution.

Prime Minister Modi termed Ayushman Bharat as a revolution in health services to the poor. PM said deaths of children in Bihar due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome is unfortunate. However, PM Modi expressed solidarity with the state government and confidence that the country will collectively come out of this crisis soon.

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