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PM Modi to attend 14th G20 summit in Osaka, Japan tomorrow

G20 members together contribute to almost 85% of global GDP. 19 countries, the European Union and several special invitees are participating at the Osaka Summit which will see discussions at 4 sessions These are a session on

–Global Economy: Trade & Investment

–Innovation in Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence

–Addressing Inequalities, Realizing an Inclusive & Sustainable World

–Climate Change Energy and Environment

Ahead of leaders arriving for the Summit, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he wanted the G20 to deliver a strong message on issues such as the promotion of free trade, innovation-driven global growth and rule-making for the digital economy.

He expressed hope that United States and China would resolve their trade war through constructive dialogue when they meet at a gathering of leaders from the Group of 20 major economies.

Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe said: “At the G20 summit talks, we don’t want to highlight our differences in our opinions. We want to persistently identify our common points and find common ground in order to reach a concrete solution.”

 “I expect that the United States and China will resolve their trade friction in a constructive manner through dialogue, such as their bilateral meeting at the G20.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also hold several bilateral and pull aside meetings on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. But all eyes will be on the meeting between PM Modi and President Trump. 

Japan-India-US trilateral meet also figures in the engagements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi where increased connectivity in the Indo-Pacific region is likely to be discussed, amongst other issues.

The sidelines of the G20 Summit will witness an Informal Russia-India-China meet as well as an Informal BRICS meet. 

After the SCO Summit that holds a strategic importance, this is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first economy focussed multilateral meet after he took oath for the second time.

He will present India’s growth story over the past five years as well as the road ahead to tackle global challenges on several fronts as he shares the table at the Osaka Summit.

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