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PM Modi shares tips to conserve water

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared one of his old blog on water conservation.

In his blog titled ‘A Daughter, A Tree and A Teacher’, he has discussed an age old process to conserve water.

Through the blog, PM shared his happiness and thanked people for liking his tweet regarding planting trees.

He also welcomed the interest of people towards this initiative.

At the same time, the prime minister had shared a traditional technique related to water conservation and horticulture, in which a plant sapling is placed in a clay pot filled with water, as this will lead to a natural drip water irrigation for the plant.

In the blog, PM Modi shared a heart touching story of a teacher in Veraval region of Saurashtra.

He appreciated the unique experiment by the teacher of a school for growing trees and how he inspired the students to plant trees.

He asked the students to bring soiled water left out after washing of utensils at home and to water the plants with the soiled water.

With this small initiative, it created a green island in a dry and barren area, that too with waste water.

The PM concluded with a request to people to share such tips and experiments for conserving ecology. So it’s time to do our bit.

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