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PM Modi remembers Atal ji at all party prayer meet

Prime Minister Modi hailed the late leader’s diplomatic acumen in putting terrorism at the global centrestage as a matter of global concern and said that the biggest tribute to him would be to walk on the path showed by the late leader.

Recalling Atalji’s early days, Prime Minister said that it was in his youth itself that Atal ji decided to serve  fellow Indians. He entered politics when only one party held sway over the political discourse and spent several years in Opposition. But not once did he compromise on his ideology. He distinguished himself as a Parliamentarian and was proud of India’s Parliamentary traditions

In his tribute, Prime Minister Modi also spelt out the moments that made Atalji a true statesman. He said Atal Ji as a Prime Minister created three states, all of which are prospering today. The process of creating these states was peaceful and without bitterness.

When it came to coalition politics, there too Atal Ji showed the way. Prime Minister said that when Atal Ji formed the Government for 13 days in May, 1996, no party was willing to support him. The Government fell. Yet he did not lose hope and remained committed to serving the people. And it was Atal Ji’s efforts that ensured India became a nuclear power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also recalled Atalji’s leadership on the Kashmir issue. He said when some were cornering India on the matter, it was Vajpayee Ji who changed the narrative. Prime Minister credited Vajpayee ji for making terrorism an important issue on the world stage

For Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the entire nation, Atal ji will always be remembered as a guiding light who was ahead of the times.


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