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PM Modi releases book on Former PM Chandra Shekhar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday released a book on former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar in New Delhi.

He announced a museum for all former Prime Ministers of India, and invited their families to share aspects of their lives.

PM Modi said Chandra Shekhar Ji was a man of culture and principles. The Congress Party was at its peak yet he challenged the might of that party because he opposed certain aspects of the party.

PM Modi also said that a coterie of people have created adverse images of greats like Dr. Ambedkar and Sardar Patel. This same coterie destroyed the image of Morarji Bhai. They created labels, narratives and titles for our former PMs. He said his government was attempting to right this wrong. PM Modi stressed that no Prime Minister can be reduced to a political untouchable. This thought is the driving force behind the museum being built.


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