Thursday , April 15 2021
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PM Modi launches key initiatives for farmer welfare in Mathura

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also visited the Pashudhan Arogya aur Vigyan Mela at Mathura. He visited different stalls set up at the fair and was briefed on various medical treatments given to the livestock.

Experts at a stall conducted a surgery for horn cancer. Stalls displaying sonography in livestock, artificial insemination, artificial insemination through gun and other techniques related to health of livestock have been put up at the fair.

The Prime Minister also visited a stall displaying brucella vaccination to livestock. The Prime Minister also interacted with experts and veterinarians at the Pashu Arogya and Pashu Vigyan Mela. He witnessed the FMD vaccination being administered.

Addressing the gathering, he announced an Aadhaar scheme to identify vaccinated cows.

Prime Minister also interacted with the farmers who are visiting from various parts of the country. During the interaction he was told how government initiatives are transforming the lives of farmers. Prime Minister shared the steps taken by the government in the field of boosting milk production.

Earlier, the Prime Minister also participated in Gau Puja as he reached the venue of the Pashu Arogya and Vigyan Mela. Hitting out at critics, Prime Minister said that livestock are Indian farmers most valuable source of additional income and are the backbone of any agrarian economy.

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