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PM Modi launches BJP membership drive in Varanasi

Prime Minister Modi addressed BJP workers in Varanasi after launching the party’s membership drive.  He elaborated on his thoughts on the Budget and India’s growth trajectory in the coming years. Prime Minister said the Budget For New India is one of hope and it is a budget that will boost India’s development in the 21st century. He urged the country to rise up to the 5 trillion dollar economy challenge.

PM Modi said Budget For New India has a roadmap to transform the agriculture sector of India. He said that farmers have gone beyong being just food provider to being a food exporter.

PM Modi said the government is working with a 10 year roadmap to achieve the target of five trillion economy and this is reflected in the budget.

He hit out at the naysayers who are questioning the 5 trillion dollar challenge. PM said thet he was confident that the target would be met within five years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said alongwith farming, his government is also working to strengthen the Blue economy.

The budget has a detailed section on developing resources found in the oceans and seas. He spoke of the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampadda yojana as well.

PM Modi also stressed on the need to make the “Har Ghar Jal Abhiyaan” a mass movement.

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