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PM Modi joins ‘Swachhata Hi Seva Movement’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Mission Swacchta heading to Ambedkar Secondary  School in Pahar Ganj from Lok Kalyan Marg stopping at red lights breaking shackles of protocol just like any common man.

On reaching the school, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his respects to Dr.  Ambedkar who adopted this school located in 1946 his aim was to uplift scheduled castes socially and economically.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision & Mission is to build a clean, New India as a tribute to Bapu on his 150th Birth Anniversary next year. Kicking off the Swacchta hi Seva fortnight, Prime Minister picked up the broom at the Ambedkar Secondary School.

Over the last four years he’s done this several times from picking up the phawda to clean Assi Ghat in 2015 to laying the foundation for a twin pit toilet or Izzatghar in Varanasi last year. He leads by example. And on Saturday, it was his turn to meet gen-next Swacchagrahis…the students of Ambedkar secondary school.

Prime Minister reminded the students of Babasaheb’s contributions urging them to become like him.

The motive behind this entire exercise was simple…..turn Bapu’s dream of Swacch Bharat into reality….and there’s no better way to achieve this than through people’s participation with students and the youth leading the charge.

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