Thursday , April 15 2021
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PM Modi interacts with the nation today: Mann Ki Baat

PM Modi started off by apologizing to all those who are facing difficulty because of  the countrywide lockdown imposed in the fight against coronavirus outbreak in India.

PM said, ‘’ those who are thinking that they are helping others via following lockdown, it is better they don’t misinterpret their action as a help to anyone, as this lockdown is for the protection of your own self’’

PM urged people to protect themselves and their families by keeping patience and following the imposed lockdown.

PM mentioned about those who are still not taking the situation with seriousness. PM Modi cautioned such people of the dangerous consequences they can face if they do not follow the nationwide quarantine.  PM said ‘’ I know that no one wants to overstep law, break rules wilfully. But there are some who are doing so. To them, I will say that if they don’t comply with lockdown, it will be difficult to save ourselves from the scourge of coronavirus.’’

 Giving the example of the countries that did not take the novel outbreak of coronavirus seriously, PM said, “The world over, many people nursed this delusion, all of them are regretting now.’’

The Prime minister lauded the efforts of people engaged in the fight against coronavirus from outside their homes, he said, ‘’There are many soldiers who are fighting coronavirus, not in the confines of their homes but outside their homes. These are our front line soldiers-especially our brothers and sisters on duty as nurses, doctors & paramedical staff.’’

PM Modi interacted with few people who have defeated the virus by following strict quarantine and have been substantial in the fight against Corona, over the phone. PM said, ‘’Boosting their zeal, in turn raising my own enthusiasm too. I have learned a lot from them.’’

PM Modi also engaged in various conversations with the doctors who are leading from the front in the fight against the global menace of coronavirus.

Year 2020 is celebrated as ‘International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.’ PM Modi saluted their selfless service to humankind.

PM Modi also expressed his gratitude for all those who are involved in the E-commerce companies and the banking sector that remains open, said, ‘’ as you watch TV during lockdown, someone’s working hard to ensure that these services continue uninterrupted.’’

PM mentioned the benefits of social distancing saying it is the most effective way of fighting against coronavirus, but we have to understand that social distancing does not mean ending social interaction.

The Prime Minister also talked about how people are getting involved in different activities during the current situation of lockdown like music and fitness.

In the end, PM talked about the steps being taken by Indians to stop the spread of corona. PM Modi expressed his hope and said, ‘’ we will meet in MKB again next month. By then we should have overcome this crisis.”

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