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PM Modi interacts with Asian Games medal winners

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with medal winners who brought glory to the nation at the recently concluded 18th Asian games.

Prime Minister Modi congratulated the sportsmen and women as well as their coaches and support teams for the outstanding achievement at Jakarta. India won a total of 69 medals out of which 15 were Gold medals.

There were many  firsts at the Asian Games too. A gold in Bridge, Silver in Quraish and a bronze in Sepak Takraw are amongst some of these achievements.

Prime Minister said that the medals were a result of hard work, determination and perseverance. He said that not just the Asian games, every moment is a competition for sportsmen and women.

Prime Minister said that expectations have increased after this commendable performance. He advised the players not to get overwhelmed by heightened expectations or past achievements.

Prime Minister said challenges have also increased. He called on the players to work in Mission mode towards preparing for the 2020 Olympics.

Prime Minister encouraged the players to use technology to analyze and enhance their performance. He hailed the achievements of from sports persons from humble backgrounds as a source of inspiration for generations to come.

PM said they have proved their mettle and have shown that sports is no longer restricted to those with means.

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