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PM Modi inaugurates India’s first ever Global Mobility Summit

Summit that is focused on making Indian cities pollution free, saw PM highlighting the fact  that congestion free mobility is critical to check the economic and environmental costs of congestion.

Underlinig the fact that Charged mobility is the way forward, PM Modi asserted that focus of India’s entrepreneurs & manufacturers is now to develop and deploy breakthrough battery technology.

PM also stated his vision for future of mobility in India, which is based on (GFX IN) 7 C’s: Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean and Cutting-edge.

Adding that better mobility reduces the burden of travel and transportation besides boosting economic growth, PM also underlined the employment generation potential of such a move.PM said that Clean Mobility powered by Clean Energy is most potent weapon in fight against Climate Change.

He highlighted the importacne of creating a mobility ecosystem which is environment supportive.Summing up his address, the Prime Minister said that mobilty is the sector of immense opportunity and India should make a template of Mobilty revolution for the world to follow.

Prime Minister also visited the virtual digital exhibition on modern transport system.

At the exhibition, representatives of various automobile companies gave presentation to PM Modi.

The two day summit which will witness Talent and Technology assembled at one platform, is expected to create transformative mobility solutions for ensuring safe, clean and affordable transport system.

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