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PM Modi hails India’s rise under his govt

In his Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort the prime minister said that India’s stature in the world has risen as it is now viewed with hope and expectation unlike in the past when it was seen with skepticism.

Here are 15 key points mentioned in Prime MInister Narendra Modi’s address on the 72nd Independence Day.

1 — New hopes and big dreams/committed to working towards fulfilling the dreams

Country’s 72nd Independence Day has come up with new hopes and aspirations, besides bringing many new challenges. Country achieved various milestones in much speedier scale.

2 — Monsoon session devoted to social justice/bill passed to give constitutional status to OBC Commission

The recently concluded monsoon session of Parliament was devoted to social justice. It witnessed the passage of a crucial bill that would give constitutional status the OBC Commission.

3 — India one of world’s fastest-growing economies/ India now world’s sixth largest economy

Country has created a positivity and constructive atmosphere and there is an atmosphere of ‘self-confidence’. Country is regularly scaling new heights. India imroved its Ease of Doing Business ranking. Country was earlier counted among the fragile five economies in the world. But now, India is considered a multi-trillion dollar destination for investment.

4 — Country Shares the grief of flood-hit people/Entire nation stands by the people of flood-hit areas

Floods adversely impacted the daily lives of people across the country. Centre is sensitive to the needs of people at this critical juncture and providing all possible assistance to them. Entire nation is firmly standing by the people who have lost their dear ones.

5 — Armed forces carried out surgical strike/Salute to brave soldiers

Indian armed forces and security personnel protect our boundaries in any circumstance. On one hand, Indian forces plunge into relief and rescue operations to help people in distress like floods and on the other hand, on the other, they deftly carried out surgical strikes.

6 — Northeast got closer to Delhi/Northeast now an inspiration for others

The efforts made by government during last four year have brought the people of northeast closer to Delhi. Today we see a magnificent impression of North East in the field of sports. New job opportunities have been created in northeast. Now, sportspersons are now winning medails, villagers getting electricity. Youth from northeast are opening BPOs.

7 — Increase in MSP for farmers/modernizing the agriculture sector

Pro-farm measures taken during last four years. The minimum support price increased to 1.5 times of production cost for farmers. Government is on track of meeting the target of doubling farm income by 2022. Entire focus is on bringing transformation and modernizing the agriculture sector. India is currently the second largest fish producer in the world. New agriculture export policy will be unveiled soon to boost farm income.

8 — Reform momentum strengthening/Country moved from ‘red-tape to red-carpet’

India has been put on a faster development track. The businesses used to talk about red tape, now they talk about the red carpet. India will be the engine of growth for the world economy for the next three decades.

9 — 13 crore loans disbursed under Mudra Yojana/Youths self-employed, progressing independently

Youths are self-employed and progressing independently. As many as 13 crore loans have been disbursed under the Mudra Yojana, and four crore loans out of this number, being disbursed to first-time beneficiaries of such loans.

10 — Villages being transformed/Youths managing CSC in three lakh villages

Our youth are managing common service centres in three lakh villages and they are linking every village and citizen with the world in seconds by utilizing information technology. Women in rural areas are being empowered through self-help groups. During  last two years, 5 crore poor people have crossed the poverty line.

11- Healthcare initiative for a healthy India/Jan Arogya Abhiyaan to be launched on September 25

Government will launch the ambitious Jan Arogya Abhiyaan (Ayushman Bharat healthcare scheme) on September 25, the birth anniversary of pandit  Deen Dayal Upadhaya. The scheme aims at benefiting 50 crore Indians. The scheme aims to provide a coverage of Rs five lakh per family annually, benefiting more than 10 crore poor families.

12 — Fight against corruption, black money to continue/ honest taxpayer helps in feeding 3 poor families

Delhi’s corridors and streets are now ‘free from power brokers’. Those indulging in corruption and black money will not be spared, honest taxpayer in the country has a major role in the progress of the nation. It is due to them that so many people are fed. The number of income taxpayers has increased to 7 crore from 3.5-4 crore before 2014.

13 — Working to ensure justice to Muslim women/ will end practice of Triple Talaq

The practice of Triple Talaq has caused great injustice to Muslim women. During this session of parliament, govt tried to free them from curse of Triple alaaq. But there are some people who don’t want to let it happen. Govt assures all Muslim women that it will continue working to ensure them justice.

14 — Equal opportunities for women in armed forces/committed to women empowerment

Indian women have made a substantial impact and achieved success across sectors. In a first, there are three women judges in the Supreme Court. For the first time, there are two women in the top ranks of the Cabinet. Armed forces’ women officers commissioned in short service (SSC) would get opportunity for permanent commission like their male counterparts.

15– Neither abuse nor bullet/to adopt an approach of embracing people of J&K

Government will move ahead in the Jammu and Kashmir by following the path of ‘Insaaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhuriyat’ as shown by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Work under prograss to set up an IIT, an IIM and an. Efforts are being made to strengthen democratic institutions in the state. In very near future, govt moving forward towards holding panchayat and local body elections.

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